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Team State News

IHSWCA Press Release
January 27, 2014


The IHSWCA State Duals selection committee and organizers have approved an expansion to 12 teams for each of its 3 classes, effective immediately.

The event will now be organized as follows:

1. Scoring by teams during the IHSAA individual state series will be used as before as the basis for selecting teams.

2. The top team per class for each IHSAA semi-state will automatically qualify for the IHSWCA state duals (4 total per class).

3. The next 6 highest scores, regardless of semi-state, will qualify for the IHSWCA state duals

4. The final 2 positions for each class will be voted on by the selection committee from among the next several highest scores.

5. Bracketing will involve a hybrid pool/bracket format as follows:
--4 pools of 3 teams per class
--A higher seed, a lower seed, and an unseeded/random team will be in each pool
--Pool higher seed and lower seed will meet in the third match of the pool round, to create a virtual quarterfinal match in most pools.
--The pool winners advance to the semi-finals. Second place teams in the pools advance to the 5th-8th semi-finals. Pool 3rd place teams get one more match against another 3rd place team.

6. The schedule, though not finalized, will look something like this.
9am-2pm: Pools on 12 mats, 1 pool per mat, wrestling 3 duals directly through with no breaks:
--Match 1: higher seed vs. unseeded
--Match 2: lower seed vs. unseeded
--Match 3: higher seed vs. lower seed
--2:30pm: Championship semi-finals, 5-8 semi-finals on 4 mats per class
--5pm: 3rd place, 5th place, and 2 consolation matches from pool 3rd place finishers on 4 mats per class
--7:30pm: Championship finals on 3 mats total

7. Venue and exact seeding procedures to be announced at a later date

Items approved by IHSWCA State Duals committee
press release prepared by Adrian Troyer