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2017 State Duals Scoring and Selection Procedures

IHSWCA Duals State Championship Scoring and Selection Procedures 2017

Scoring System approved by IHSWCA State Duals selection committee members: Mike Day (Centerville), Sam Riesen (Churubusco), Nick Strub (East Central), Danny Struck (Jeffersonville), and  Jim Tonte (Warren Central); and by former board president, Trent McCormick (Yorktown), and president, Tyson Skinner (Madison). 

Scoring and Procedures developed and implemented by consulting economist Adrian Troyer (Goshen ’96) and Nick Strub (East Central). 

I. Number of Participating Schools (p. 1) 
II. Selection Procedure (p. 1) 
III. Scoring (p. 2-3) 
IV. Advancement Quota System for Competitive Fairness (p. 3-5) 
V. Injury Provision (p. 5) 
VI. Classification of Teams into Three Classes (p. 6) 

Download the full document below.

Coach Harreld,
Jan 27, 2017, 4:29 AM